Warning! The following words you are about to read are in no way provable, neither some kind of scientific fact. All I am going to do is to explain what “Hipster Glasses” are in my point of view. Maybe you have a different opinion on that, maybe you do not agree. So what i am trying to say is, everybody has a different view on what “Hipster Glasses” actually are and there is no straight definition to it. Especially for this reason i decided to leave the comments on this article on. I am interested in what you have to say. Do you agree with me? Do you have another opinion on what “Hipster Glasses” are? I am happy about every comment, suggestion or simply just feedback.

Even though i am totally aware that this is not a science where you can put data on a table and nail the results on paper, i invented a mathematical formula that helped me to classify so called “Hipster Glasses”. In the following article i am going to explain the formula, means the single components and how it works. We will start by the taking a look at the several factors that come into play. So lets dig in!

The Parameters

In my opinion there are a couple factors that come into play to call glasses actual “Hipster Glasses”. As you see, i listed all of these factors in the table below. Just take a look at the table and read the description below.

Attribute Max. Value Variable Possible Values
Size 40% A Small, Medium, Large
Shape 30% B Circle, Rectangle, Different
Frame 20% C Thick, Thin
Color 10% D Straight, Mixed
Overall Appearance 1 E 0,1 - 1

There are exactly five factors that are important to me to estimate glasses as “Hipster Glasses”, the size, shape, frame, color and the overall appearance of the person that is wearing the glasses. As you see, every one of these attributes has three different properties stuck to it. Max. Value tells you how much this factor can weigh in at maximum. Variable is the name for that attribute that we are going to use in our mathematical formula. Possible Values is the data that our attribute can have. Please notice that the attribute overall Appearance is subjective. This means you have to choose on a scale from 0,1(10%) to 1(100%), how “hipster” the overall appearance of the person is(clothes, body-art etc.).

hipster glasses parameters

The Formula

Please make sure you did understand the parameters appropriately before you start reading about the actual formula. This formula may look complicated but it is fairly easy to understand.Just take a good look at the formula and read the description below after that.

hipster glasses formulaFirst lets take a look at the line if(E >= 0,1). E is the variable name for the overall appearance of the person wearing the glasses as you may remember from before. With the first line we make sure that the overall appearance is at least 10%! Since you multiply the whole result of the size, shape, frame and color with the factor E, it has to be at least 10%. Otherwise the result could end up with 0% even if the glasses would be absolute “hipsterisch” in every way. Let me give you an example for that:


Lets assume you have glasses that are small, round, with a thick frame and a mixed color. That would mean you would have a total “hipster” in your glasses of 100%(under the assumption that the overall appearance of the person wearing those glasses has a value of 10). That means the glasses are as “hipsterisch” as it gets. If you would rate the overall appearance of the person wearing this glasses now with a total value of zero, it would mean the total value would be zero, even if the glasses “hipsterisch” in any way. This is why i decided to assign every person a minimum overall appearance value of 10%.

Now lets take a look at the line if(A!=”Medium” && B!=”Different”). This line checks if the SIZE IS NOT MEDIUM, and the SHAPE IS NOT DIFFERENT! Why did i do this? Because in that case, we are going to set the variable B, which is the shape to its max. value of 30%. We do this because we now that every possible combination of these attributes has a max. value to the glasses.(Rectangle and Big, Rectangle and Small, Circle and Big or Circle and Small). If A is “Medium” for example, you just calculate B independent from A.

The Size

hipster glasses explained 1I observed the last couple of years is that large, rectangle glasses with slightly round edges and a thick frame like in the picture above became the flagship of the “Hipster Glasses”-Scene. In my opinion almost all glasses like that can be categorize as hipster glasses nowadays. The same thing goes for very small glasses. Unusual small means hip, modern and strange to me, which has the most “hipsterisch” value to me. It is different with medium glasses because you can not categorize them out of the spot. Of course there are also medium glasses that look somewhat hip or unusual if you will, but fact is, medium is also the standard for glasses that the average person wears. Based on that conclusion i went with a max. value of 40% if the glasses are large or small, and 20% if they are medium.

Max. Value
Possible Values
Small(40%), Medium(20%),Large(40%)

The Shape

hipster glasses explained 2Round or rectangle? Maybe some kind of an individual shape? It is definitely important what shape the glasses do have. Round glasses have some kind of intellectual taste to them, especially with a 70s black/brown color-mix. A rectangle shape does not necessarily mean that the glasses are in any way “hipsterisch”, except in combination with a large size and a thick frame. As you will see later on, i build a exception for that case in my mathematical formula. Therefore the possible value “Circle” has the most value to me. While the shape “Circle” has a value of 30% to me, the poss. value “Different” has a value of 15%, and “Rectangle” a value of 10%.

Max. Value
Possible Values
Circle(30%), Rectangle(10%), Different(15%)

The Frame

hipster glasses explained 5Thick or thin, that is simply the question. Thick equals “hipsterisch”, while “thin” equals, “could be hipsterisch” to me. Do not get me wrong, i know that not every thick frame will equal “hipsterisch”, but most of the times this is the case, so i decided to set it “hipsterisch”. The max. value of the frame is 20% to me. In my opinion the Frame does somewhat play a role, but it should not be a major factor for deciding whatever to call glasses hipster or not. I think 20% is a sweet spot that meets that criteria.

Max. Value
Possible Values
Thick(20%), Thin(10%)

The Color

A man wearing black hipster glasses.This is the most unimportant part in my formula, therefore the total weight of it counts only 10%. The thing with the color is that you see many hipster glasses with a straight solid color, like black or dark blue for example. On the other hand, an old 70s black and brown mix is getting more hip and hip again. My conclusion to that is that i rated the straight color with 5%, and the mixed color with 10%, even though it could be “hipsterisch” in both ways. With a mixed color it is just more sure to me that the glasses take a more hipsterisch direction.

Max. Value
Possible Values
Straight(10%), Mixed(5%)

The Overall Appearance

An average looking man.The overall appearance is the most important attribute of the formula. If you took a deeper look at the formula you may have realized that every given summand is multiplied with the factor E at the end, which is the overall appearance. Let me give you an example:

A = 40%(Size: Small or Big)

B = 30%(Shape: Round)

C = 20%(Frame: Thick)

D = 10%(Color: Mixed)

In this case we would have perfect hipster eye wear. The total value would be 100%, which is perfect. But the last step in the formula is the multiplication with the overall appearance which can have a value between 0.1 and 1. This means in the worst case the calculation could look like this: 100% x 0.1, which would return a total value of 10%, even though the glasses meet all criteria to be hipster glasses.

I added so much value to this attribute because in my opinion, hipster-looking glasses do not work if the person itself does not transport the hipster lifestyle by its outer appearance. Like in any case there are of course always exceptions, people that will look hipster without trying in anyway, but that is the small minority.

Max. Value
Possible Values
0.1 - 1